Make The Most Of Your Tele-Town hall Event By Doing These Three Things

Posted on: 13 April 2016

A tele-townhall event can be a great way to reach a lot of people during your political campaign. From the comfort of their individual homes, constituents can learn more about you and your positions by listening on their telephones to you answering questions from those in the community; they can even enter a queue by pressing a button and possibly ask you a question themselves. In order to make the most of such an event, use the following tips.

Use Your Own Call List in Addition to Other Lists

Some candidates allow the tele-townhall services company to buy lists of household numbers in the community to automatically call in order to create an audience for the event. Because those lists can contain a high number of names, many people will be called and given the option to listen in to the event or refuse.

While this can be effective in some ways, you don't want your current supporters to miss out on the event. Because they may not be randomly called, it is a good idea to provide the tele-townhall services company with a list that your campaign has gotten from people who are known supporters or have signed up on your website to be contacted by you.

Publicize the Tele-Townhall

To raise interest in the tele-townhall, you'll have to take some time out of your schedule to talk about the event and how it will work. Do this well in advance of the event so that campaign workers can be sure to gather some names and numbers of those who would like to be added to the list.

If possible, try to talk about the event on various forms of media; even those who do not support you might want to hear what you have to say. Make sure that they can sign up for the event as well so that you can provide their number to the tele-townhall services company.

Have a Transcript or Recording Made

To continue the success of the event even after it's happened, it's a good idea to have someone on hand who can provide a transcript of the event. Some tele-townhall services companies even offer a digital recording of the event so that people can listen to it later. You can provide the recording or transcript on your website.

When you take heed of the advice laid out above, your tele-townhall event can help your campaign to succeed. Work closely with a professional tele-townhall services company, such as Strategic Campaign Group political Fundraising, that has the technology to ensure the event runs smoothly for everyone involved.